Our Story

Welcome to TStraps!

My name is Aretha Solanke the creator and owner of TStraps Ltd, I came up with the concept for the TStrap in October 2010 when I was at a concert.I had been looking forward to it for ages. I’d recently lost some weight and was feeling great, so I decided to wear a fitted dress and a pair of tights; however all I could think about for the whole night was the location of my tights, which were slowly slipping from my waist. I spent the whole night running back and forth to the bathroom to yank my tights up, needless to say I couldn’t really enjoy the concert. On my way home that night, frustrated and annoyed, I searched Google for something to help hold my tights up. There was nothing out there In the stores or online to help and approximately eight months and many trials and demos later the TStrap was born.

There are 2 straps in a pack, one end of the strap should be secured to the side of the users bra, whilst the other end is attached to the top of the users tights. The adjustable mechanism in the middle, allows the user to extend or suspend the amount of space between the bra and tights or leggings, ensuring they stay in place all day.

The TStraps come in 3 gorgeous colours Black, White and Gold, they work perfectly with any existing underwear set, and most importantly lay completely flat against your skin, and is completely invisible under any outfit, yes even your LBD…..

  • Key Benefits
    The TStrap will hold the users hosiery/leggings and even girdles up in place all day long.
  • The TStrap is customised to fit every woman’s shape, due to the adjustable buckle, allowing the user to extend or suspend the length of the strap.
  • The TStrap is designed to be used with the wearers existing underwear, the independent straps fits any underwear set perfectly & will be a staple piece in your underwear draw.
  • The TStrap is so sheer & soft that it can be worn, under the most fitted dress, and is completely discreet